Doubles has been my career since 2006, but it is also the bedrock of our school, club and county competitions. I want to inspire many more players to improve their doubles game — and by creating my own YouTube channel I can share as much as I can of what I do on and off court. YouTube is a great way to learn all sorts of things – I learned how to make scrambled eggs by watching Gordon Ramsay, and I want to make my tennis tips as easy to follow as that! It’s going to be a simple, effective platform for people all over the world to come and learn about tennis.
— Jamie Murray

Jamie Murray has set up a new YouTube channel, featuring videos which aim to to help you improve your doubles game.

In the videos, he covers specific doubles tactics, the art of communication, pre-match routines and much more.

You can check out the channel here, or watch a featured video about volley drills on this page.

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